Tai Chi Events

Here are some upcoming events that would be good preparation for the Florida Senior Games in December 3.

Tai Chi Essentials

Saturday, September 24, 9-4:30

9743-B U.S.19 N Port Richey, Fl. 34668

A six-hour seminar on the essentials of learning Tai Chi Quan ( TaiJi Quan) Presented by Shifu Ismael Santiago and Shifu Bob Messinger. Morning sessions beginning at 9 am will cover  the Principles of Taiji: using Qigong and Song gong, bringing the principles into the body. The afternoon session beginning after lunch at 1:30 will will be centered on the application of principles, using a short form and how proper structure and body mechanics enhance energy flow and take your own practice to a bit deeper level.

Cost: $90.00 dollars per person. Limited to the first 20 people who register.

For more information, visit the Facebook Event Page.

Tampa Bay Martial Arts Group 2016 Fall Retreat

November 19-20

Abundant Life Center, 5204 Gallagher Rd, Plant City, FL

Open to all martial artists of any level looking for a safe, friendly environment to engage in Push Hands/Tui Shou with people from many different areas and styles. While the focus of the retreat will be on push hands, participants are welcome to work forms, chi sau, shuia jiao, chin na, meditation, qigong, self-defense, or any other area of martial arts not requiring safety equipment. This is not a martial arts competition; the primary goal, other than building community, is that of an “exchange of knowledge”, for the betterment of all involved. 


Suggested Donation: $20 for Saturday, $10 for Sunday. Food is available at an extra cost.

For more information, visit the Facebook Event Page.