About Us

Welcome to Florida Tai Chi, the website of the Florida Taijiquan Association.

The Florida Taijiquan Association was organized to promote the benefits of tai chi for all people, and as a governing body for competition tai chi. Specifically, we organized to introduce tai chi as a competition in the Florida Senior Games.

This year’s games will be held in Clearwater, Florida, December 3-11. The first annual Tai Chi Seniors Tournament will be Saturday, December 3¬†at the Ross Norton Recreation Complex, 1426 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., Clearwater.

We will begin this year with a lineup of Yang style hand and weapon forms, and also allow for novice and beginner forms and other forms. We hope to expand the number of divisions in future years as participation grows.

We plan to keep costs to participants very affordable. Registration will be $15 for the first event and $5 for each additional event.

We will need officials, volunteers and participants. Please contact floridataichi@gmail.com for more information and sign up on this site to receive email notifications.